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Content Management System Chennai

Concern Infotech Pvt. Ltd. provides easy solutions to manage and keep track of your content online through teh efficient management systems built by them. Web content influences people to buy products and services through information, pictures and videos. Therefore it is very important that they be available to the reader in an orderly manner. At our Company Concern Infotech we provide high-quality, search engine friendly content management systems.

As a part of total end to end solutions, Concern InfoTech Provides Content Management services to give a hassle free solution. We are the leading content management services company in Chennai; we offer professional advice and guidance and also train you to efficiently handle all content uploads and maintenance.

Some of the content management systems that we have created are listed below. A varied range of industries use our content management systems. We will club them together in our examples for you to understand it better.

1. Education related Content Management systems
  • Zahie.com
    Educational Website Content The client wanted to put up all kinds of educational material for primary kids. Making static pages would have cost her a lot so we suggested she choose a content management system to upload the material herself from her home in Delhi. That way she need not also follow the developer everyday and save time effort and money.
  • Everydaytips4u.com
    Everydaytips4u.com This client had no idea about the behind the curtains related work on websites and did not show any interest to do so. So we gave her a webmasters panel from where she could edit, add and delete stuff at her own pace and not bother with technicalities.
2. News related content Management systems
  • Currenteventsworld.com
    Currenteventsworld.com This young client of ours who had himself prepared for competitive exams like the civil services, wanted to run a website that would parse through news headlines and carry only news that was relevant to students and save their time so they could concentrate on other subjects too.
3. Shopping products Management systems
  • Kuntalsartworkz.com
    Kuntalsartworks.com She is a housewife who wanted to sell her paintings online but did not want to travel to our office every time and explain pricing for each piece of painting she did so she opted for a CMS or content management system that she could use from home. She promotes her products through facebook.
  • Gharpe.com
    Gharpe.com We developed this portal to help service providers who service people at their homes like homedelivery etc. They did not need to send a mail and get listings. We put up a system to connect them directly to their clients.
4. Free ads Management systems
  • Bhartiads.com
    Bhartiads.com An ads management system. User can self manage his ads and profile and only one admin can mange this large website.

  • Classifieds.india.vc
    Classifieds.india.vc Another free ads system that works smoothly. A robust content management system!

5. Jobs Portal Management systems
  • Amlaan.com
    Amlaan.com This job portal is for world wide job seekers. A database management system segragates data and displays it in order so people see only relevant ads.

6. Matrimonial profiles Management systems
  • Nikahnama.com
    Nikahnama.com A community based marriage bureau online. Muslim from all over the planet can connect to each other and find matches.

7. Entertainment Content Management Systems
  • Filmyfan.com
    Filmyfan.com For Film addicted fans of cinema, this is the perfect place to get their news. The content management system developed for this websites keep readers updated and also allows them to comment and like posts. A happening place for film fans.
  • Palsforfree.com
    Palsforfree.com Find friends online and keep yourself going when you are lonely.